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Trio Animal Foundation

I can’t watch those ASPCA commercials.  The ones about the sad little homeless dogs.  I volunteer in animal rescue, I know the horrible stories out there, I don’t feel the need to raise my awareness and I change the channel.  Wright-Way Rescue, the place… Continue Reading “Trio Animal Foundation”

Plugging the Guest Post

I wrote a guest post for Living Philanthropic in support of Carlo Garcia’s August project, Stand Up to Cancer.  You can find it here. And if you are interested, you can make a donation at his Crowdrise page.

Several Chicagoland Fundraisers for Pets

This morning, my veterinarian’s office posted on Twitter that they will be co-hosting a Canine Cancer Walk on October 1.  I hope that by then, Gibbs will be well enough trained and socialized to participate.  But that reminded me of several other pet-related fundraising… Continue Reading “Several Chicagoland Fundraisers for Pets”


If you count Sigmund the Foster Grey (more on him later), there are four pets in my house: Dog, cat, two African Greys.  And they need stuff.  Food, treats, meds, toys, various supplies.  I have no one source for all of my needs, so… Continue Reading “Petango”

Kiva’s Awesome Promotion

I am fairly sure I have mentioned Kiva before – the not for profit organization that hooks up people in developing countries with people that are willing to lend them small amounts of money to start or expand their businesses.Today, Kiva sent me a… Continue Reading “Kiva’s Awesome Promotion”

Crisis at the Animal Welfare League

Of all the vile things I can think of, stealing from a charity ranks way up there on the List of Things that Make Me Sick.  But last week, thieves stole the A/C units and parts from the Animal Welfare League‘s building on Wabash… Continue Reading “Crisis at the Animal Welfare League”

Adopting the Puppy

As I mentioned, we went nine days without a dog before we cracked. As a rescue volunteer (albeit with exotic parrots), I am committed to pet adoption. I also understand that my home is not the best for every dog. What with the cat… Continue Reading “Adopting the Puppy”

The Answer is Nine Days

The question is: “How long can we live in a house with no dog before we start to twitch?” The search begins.  And it starts with Petfinder.

Packing Up

About a week ago my dog, Shadow, died. It was not an epic tragedy, but if you are interested in the details, you can find them here. We haven’t decided if or when we might look for another dog, so I packed up the… Continue Reading “Packing Up”

An Awesome Experiment

I remember reading a while back that Panera Bread, the restaurant chain, was trying something different. A very few stores would run as “Pay What You Want” establishments. The idea was that the customer would place an order, Panera would suggest a value –… Continue Reading “An Awesome Experiment”