If you count Sigmund the Foster Grey (more on him later), there are four pets in my house:

Dog, cat, two African Greys.  And they need stuff.  Food, treats, meds, toys, various supplies.  I have no one source for all of my needs, so I shop around a lot.
I like to find a good deal and I like to support my causes.  So when I adopted Gibbs and discovered the pet supply store run at Wright-Way Rescue, I bought a lot of stuff.  Muttzie’s commits to having competitive prices (I was told they check against PetsMart and Petco) and the proceeds go to help the dogs and cats.  However, it is sort of a pain to drive over there and the working hours are not at all convenient.
Then this morning, in my e-mail box, was a message from ShelterCare, the health insurance company for the shelter pets.  It pointed me to the website for Petango.  It is a pretty standard site for dog and cat supplies.  They seem to have more of the boutique brands and even organic products.  Ugh, and a Fung Shui drinking fountain.  But also, Kong toy and Nylabone stuff. 
But the beauty is this:  10% of each order goes to an animal shelter of your choice.   They have a drop-down list for each state, but if your rescue of choice isn’t listed there is a fill-in-the-blank.  And – free shipping over $35.  That is better than PetsMart.
Gibbs is now stocked with Kong Stuffin’!

2 Comments on “Petango

  1. That site looks very cool. I buy most of my stuff at our local Pet Food Express ( which is a Northern California chain that works with a lot of local shelters and adoption drives. Also it's just down the street from me. I think I used to do online shopping more when it was easier for me to get packages, and the having to pick stuff up at the post office is a deterrent.

  2. Yeah, I was just telling someone that there is always the risk that the squirrels will get to a box of pet food before I get home. I mostly have stuff delivered to the office. This one..I sorta forgot.

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