Trio Animal Foundation

I can’t watch those ASPCA commercials.  The ones about the sad little homeless dogs.  I volunteer in animal rescue, I know the horrible stories out there, I don’t feel the need to raise my awareness and I change the channel. 
Wright-Way Rescue, the place where I found Gibbs, actually offers to take people on their trips to high-kill shelters to pick out the few they can save. 

Excuse me while I cry just thinking about doing such a thing.  I specifically adopt from no-kill shelters to make sure that I only walk out with one pet.  Even at Wright-Way, I was tempted to take home –with Gibbs – a Brittany Spaniel that was just spayed after having a litter of puppies.  (She has since been adopted.)

Those Facebook pages that post the dogs on “death row” hoping for a last minute rescue?  Not a chance that I am going to look there.

Some people might think that I am part of the problem when I refuse to look.  But I maintain that I do my part in giving my time and money – not to mention adopting my pets in general.  Having said that:

I don’t remember when the Trio Animal Foundation first landed on my radar, but it  was probably through its work with the Animal Welfare League – the group that had their A/C units stolen for the copper wires.  Trio is an organization that pulls together resources to help homeless pets receive the medical care they need.  It is not a shelter itself, but sponsor animals with several groups in the Chicago area.  So I started following their Twitter feed.

They have some really sad stories to tell.

“Trio” is a dog that was used as bait in a dog-fight and lost a leg.  At the age of four weeks. 

I looked at the pictures.

More recently, “Dozer” is a dog that was shot by his person.  With a gun.  He is now safe and receiving treatment.

I looked at the pictures.

Yesterday, they posted about a dog they are sponsoring, rescued from a hoarding situation that has been in the headlines around town.

I looked at those pictures, too.

As a casual student of social media outreach, I am fascinated that Trio keeps getting me to click.  I think it is because I know that any animal Trio posts about has a fighting chance.  “Dozer” for example, is not out of the woods yet, and for awhile it looked pretty grim.  But Trio has given him the best possible chance for a happy, healthy life.

I am not yet an active sponsor, or even a donor for the Trio Animal Foundation.  But today, I feel like the least I can do for them is help spread the word.

One Comment on “Trio Animal Foundation

  1. I'm with you on not watching those commercials since they do make me cry. Then again, when I watch a movie where a pet is either killed or miraculously not killed, I also cry at that too. And I saw a very cute commercial last night for cat treats that almost made my cry…I think the more you do in terms of being aware, volunteering, taking care of, adopting animals.. the more you realize there is to do. I've seen volunteers get seriously burnt out by trying to come in all the time, and I work at a fairly "nice" (but not no-kill) shelter. I have friends who volunteer at the county and city run shelters where they routinely euthanize based on date… it's hard.I think every little thing we do helps. And you don't have to watch commercials that disturb you!

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