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Killing Time for a Good Cause

Have you all heard of It is an online vocabulary game, and for every correct answer, they donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme. It appears to be the real deal. The advertisers pay for the donations. My… Continue Reading “Killing Time for a Good Cause”

Saving Horses

The summer that Barbaro, The Kentucky Derby winner, went down, the Arlington Racecourse in suburban Chicago had something like 23 horses break down on the track. So I followed Barbaro’s progress pretty closely, hoping that veterinary medicine was getting better fast enough. Unfortunately, he… Continue Reading “Saving Horses”

Volunteering in the Airport

One last thing about the airports. USA Today had an article about Volunteer Aides helping confused travelers at the airports: Last year, about 1,600 Travelers Aid volunteers — including many people who retired from the travel industry or love to travel — assisted some… Continue Reading “Volunteering in the Airport”

Northern Illinois Lego Train Club

I knew we had a train club in the area. I did not know that we had a Lego Train Club. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Lego Train Club. I took my nephew, Alex, to their show at the… Continue Reading “Northern Illinois Lego Train Club”

PAWS Report

I am very sorry to be cramming another “Save the Dogs” report down your throat, but my brother went to school with the reporter on this story so I feel like posting it. Yes, he is the son of meteorologist Steve Baskerville. If you… Continue Reading “PAWS Report”

Wal-Mart Classifieds

I pretty much think that Wal-Mart is the Evil Empire. But Best Friends Animal Society noted Wal-mart doing something worth mentioning:“Last week, Wal-Mart launched a free online classifieds website, Suddenly, thirty million ads, reaching five million consumers each month were available through Wal-Mart.… Continue Reading “Wal-Mart Classifieds”

Rescue Dogs and Teens

Chicago has, more than once, been name the Most Dog Friendly City in the U.S. The Chicago Tribune is pretty good about indulging us with local stories. This article talks about a Keeshond Rescue Group that has partnered with a residential facility for teens.… Continue Reading “Rescue Dogs and Teens”

Best Friends Puppies

If you look down my side bar, you will find a “widget” for Best Friends Animal Society. They are raising funds to build a Puppy Care Center to help all of the dogs being rescued from puppy mills. As a member of Best Friends,… Continue Reading “Best Friends Puppies”

Hard Lesson in ECommerce

I allowed advertisements on this site to see if it might be used as a small fundraising tool for the two organizations with which I volunteer. AdSense places “relevant ads” in the two places I dedicated to them – one down the side and… Continue Reading “Hard Lesson in ECommerce”

Can’t Even Come Up With a Title for This

I am a member of Best Friends Animal Society and their newletter had a link to this picture. I can convince Kiwi the Grey to go in the sink. But this is ridiculous – so I had to share.