What Happens When I Actively Try to Travel Light

I generally travel light.  This blog has the running joke about Things I Forgot when I travel.  This time, I out did myself.  It started because I didn’t feel like lugging around the laptop.  And since I was only going to two nights, I didn’t want to check a bag.


I forgot my glasses.  I was dangerously low on contact lens solution.  These were particularly urgent matters since I drove to the airport and would have to drive myself home.

I wore a skirt on Tuesday, and forgot to pack some slacks to change into that night.  Oh, and forgive me for getting personal, but I hadn’t shaved my legs.  Which I realized in the shower Monday night.  And do you think I brought a razor?

I bought a razor and contact lens solution at 7:30 Tuesday morning.

People, I shaved my legs (dry) in the ladies room outside my meeting room at the hotel.  10 minutes before the scheduled breakfast.

This is officially a new low.

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