Something Slightly Different

Winter vacation in Hawaii, but this time in Kauai rather than the Big Island.  I brought 1.5 books, two DVD sets and four back issues of Vanity Fair.  After one travel day and one complete day, I have finished a book and two magazines.

Landing in Kauai was different in that it was pouring rain.  Still pouring when we picked up bags.  Still pouring when I picked up the car and argued with the rental company about whether I could do an effective pre-rental damage inspection.  Still pouring when I drove the poorly lit and marginally marked highway to the hotel.

This is why I choose to stay close to the airport.

Of course, by the time checked in, I was wiped out and went straight to sleep.  Woke up around 4am and went down to find some papaya around 6:15.  View from my table:

For my first day, I needed a massage (seriously, my shoulders have been in pain for weeks) and reservations for a tour.  I found both for deals which I will recount later.

The hotel has free wi-fi – which was not working last night – but I am paying $14 per day for parking which I find incredibly uncool.  It is located in a campus-y place with other hotels and shops and long-term rentals.  The room is small, and the balcony is tiny but it has a mini-fridge and a nice view:

And I took this yesterday morning while walking over to the shopping center:

So you can see that it is pretty, but there isn’t much of a beach on this part of the island.  I do not find that to be a problem.

There aren’t all that many people here, which made it easy to book things.  But even more annoying when people were talking on their cell phones by the pool.

Can I please add, “Poolside at an island resort” to the list of Totally Unacceptable Places to Talk on Your Cell Phone?

Oh, and Things I Forgot:

  1. Beach bag.  I thought I was covered, but I need something bigger and waterproof to take on a four-hour boat cruise.
  2. Hat.  Seriously, I forgot my awesome New Orleans hat.  This mistake is getting expensive.


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