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Twix Java

I don’t normally buy the impulse candy in check out line, but I saw this Twix Java, which reminded me of the Coffee Crisp in Toronto, so I gave it a try. This picture is from a couple of years ago.  My package doesn’t… Continue Reading “Twix Java”

HP Tech Support

I was just talking with some friends yesterday about the concept of a “first world problem”. Stuff that you know that you shouldn’t complain about because your little inconveniences can’t possibly compare to the real problems of the world. But still. For several months,… Continue Reading “HP Tech Support”

King Spa and Sauna

I read an article about the King Spa and Sauna in the Chicago Tribune, so I went to check it out this morning.  Yes.  I realize that it is slightly ridiculous to go to the Sauna on a 95 degree day.  But it is… Continue Reading “King Spa and Sauna”

Back on the Organic Gummy Bears

You might recall my incredulous response to the concept of Organic Gummy Bears at, made even more incredulous by the fact that they were sold out.  I checked again with my next order and they were back.  $2.50 for a sample bag: They… Continue Reading “Back on the Organic Gummy Bears”

Even More Cupcakes

So I was in Stefphanie’s office and I said, “I am going to require sugar this afternoon.  Which really ticks me off because yesterday I did not need it and that’s when the cupcake truck came.” She said, “I think the other cupcake truck… Continue Reading “Even More Cupcakes”

More About the Cupcakes

As I was saying, Washington DC has gone cupcake crazy and I kept missing the Curbside Cupcake truck.  The last time I was here, someone in our office even ordered them for a meeting and I still missed them.  So I flew in on… Continue Reading “More About the Cupcakes”

Custom Trail Mix

A few weeks ago, at my neighborhood Fresh Market, I was in the bulk food section and saw an interesting trail mix. It involved dried cherries, pistachios and cashews. I bought a container. I loved it so much that the next day I went… Continue Reading “Custom Trail Mix”

The Old Settler

Writers’ Theatre won a million points with me for making such a hassle-free exchange of my tickets, when I decided on two weeks’ notice to go on vacation. Then, they won a few more points for sending me an e-mail reminder for Sunday that… Continue Reading “The Old Settler”

More Starbucks Substitutes

My mother bought herself one of those new-fangled coffee machines from Keurig around Christmas.  I imagine you have seen them.  They use little “pods” a bit larger than an old container of creamer and brew one cup of coffee at a time.  Convenient, if… Continue Reading “More Starbucks Substitutes”

Christmas Day 2009, II

Last night, I gave my mother her Christmas gift. A new Dyson Animal. Anyone that has pets should have this vacuum. Actually, we already have one. But it is several years old and a pain to lug up and down the stairs. So the… Continue Reading “Christmas Day 2009, II”