Christmas Day 2009, II

Last night, I gave my mother her Christmas gift. A new Dyson Animal. Anyone that has pets should have this vacuum. Actually, we already have one. But it is several years old and a pain to lug up and down the stairs. So the gift is that she has one on each floor and will never have to be without one even if the other one dies.

This model was one of the Doorbuster deals at Best Buy on Black Friday. I didn’t know that when I walked in the door at 10:30 that morning. They were all gone. I happened to peek behind the line of the not-on-sale big brother of this guy and found him.

Because I am that freaking lucky.

I told this story of triumph to my friend Bob at work the next week. Picture a guy – a techie – all jazzed for me because he knows how great the vacuum cleaner is. He told me that when he bought his and ran it around, he was amazed and disgusted by how much dirt and dog hair it was picking up. Because he has two children and two labradors and vacuums regularly. I mention this because we had vacuumed the day before. And this picture? Is how much the new vacuum picked up just in her room when we hooked it up.  I love this thing.

We were amazed. And rather disgusted. Merry Christmas.

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