HP Tech Support

I was just talking with some friends yesterday about the concept of a “first world problem”. Stuff that you know that you shouldn’t complain about because your little inconveniences can’t possibly compare to the real problems of the world. But still.

For several months, I have been whining that I need a network printer in my house. Every time I have to print anything like..boarding passes, or driving directions, I have to do it from my mother’s room. So she picked one up for my birthday. I started the setup this afternoon.

I followed the instructions and loaded the software. Wi-fi worked and it was all connected. I got all the way to testing the printer when the machine started making a horrible noise that wouldn’t stop and it gave me an error code with a note to “Refer to Printer Documentation”. I went back to my little manual. Couldn’t find anything. I went online and searched for the error code. Nothing. I was forced to call customer service. I thought I was calling to get someone to tell me what the code means. Um..no.

Long story short (too late). Over an hour later they decided to send me a new printer.

I am not pleased with the experience because:

1. The stuff should work in the first place.

2. I should be able to look up every single error code know to man on the website.

3. By the third time I correct someone calling me “Sarah”, they should learn my name.

But mostly? I very much got the impression that HP was looking for a way to blame me for the problem. I lost track of the number of times I said, “No. The product is new. I just took it out of the box.” I had to give them my credit card number for collateral and the estimated delivery date on the new printer is August 18.


3 Comments on “HP Tech Support

  1. I think there is a built-in incompetence in many electronics these days, where some number just don't work. Waste of our time.

  2. This is the common scenario with HP support system. You can avail support from various third party online support providers. Have a nice day!

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