Back on the Organic Gummy Bears

You might recall my incredulous response to the concept of Organic Gummy Bears at, made even more incredulous by the fact that they were sold out.  I checked again with my next order and they were back.  $2.50 for a sample bag:
They look like this:
The texture and consistency are right on.  The flavors are a bit..strange..and not as sweet.  Which might be a good thing, depending on your taste.  But they aren’t bad any way I look at it.  The calories are about comparable, according to  But these organics have a full day’s supply of Vitamin C!
I don’t make a habit of eating gummy bears, and I am hardly impressed with the organics movement.  But whoever came up with this did a good job.
Now let’s see them make green ones.

One Comment on “Back on the Organic Gummy Bears

  1. The boyfriend gets actual vitamins from Costco that look like gummy bears. I guess being vitamins, you don't want to just eat a whole handful. They are pretty good.

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