Streaming Theatre

Week 7 – I’m not sure if this is getting harder or I have just had a really bad week.  So I’m going to shake it off and talk about some delightful theatre things.

First, I was on a call with AstonRep a week or so ago talking about the cancelled season and what we dare try to schedule and ideas for virtual fundraising and I said, “Well, someone is just going to  have to write a Zoom play.”  And that someone said, “Well, actually..”  And I was invited to a staged reading of a Zoom play.  Which was fantastic.  And during that staged reading of a Zoom play, I learned that other people are writing Zoom plays.  It was quite comforting to know that Art is still happening and we just have to find more ways to share it.

Along those lines, I found that London’s National Theatre is streaming, free of charge, two versions of a 2011 production of Frankenstein for a full week.  I watched Benedict Cumberbatch as the creature last night.     That led me to find several other companies doing similar things.

Some of these are charging for tickets and some are simply pointing people in the direction of links to make donations.  But all of it is doing something to stay engaged with audiences and perhaps raise a bit of cash.

Now I’m marking my calendar for some Shakespeare on May 4.   Oh, wow.  And the New York City Ballet’s “Digital Spring Season”.

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