Is Cruising Allowed?

This morning, after virtual yoga, I left the house.

Starbucks, bank, drop off supplies at the bird rescue.

I pulled into the lot of my local Starbucks drive through.  The line snakes differently every time I am there but after three weeks I can estimate.  It looks like a good 30 minutes to me.  There is, however, a sign that says they are doing curbside pick up if you use the app.  So I parked.  I have never used the app before because I always have my own mug.  It took a few minutes to pin down my regular order but I got it, and Favorited it, and walked across the lot, through the drive through line, to the curb.  It took a couple of minutes, standing in the cold, but it worked.

Drive through line at the bank was no different.  And then I dropped the supplies – a ton of newspaper and some toys – at the rescue.

On my way back, I was stopped at a light and drinking my coffee and a Doors song came on the radio.  Transport to high school.  And I thought that maybe I’d like to just keep driving.  Is cruising around allowed in a pandemic?  I’m not breathing near anyone.  But where would I go?

I wondered if the Mars Cheese Castle was doing curbside pickup.  Oh!  Or Fair Oaks Farms.  Someplace that would take a good chunk of time to get to, but have some kind of purpose.  As in, “We’re on a Mission from God.”

The light turned green and I cruised home.

Incidentally, The Mars Cheese Castle is all closed up at the moment, but Fair Oaks Farms is a possibility.  Maybe next weekend.  Now I guess I’m supposed to work on getting a mask?

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