The Pumice Stone

Like half the women in Chicagoland this weekend, I got a pedicure this morning.  I only mention it because because the nail tech gave me some advice that I thought, for better or for worse, I should pass on.  Guys, you might want to move along now…

Anyway.  She asked if I used a “razor” on my feet.  It was confused for a second, then realized she was asking if I used a callus remover on the soles of my feet.  You know, to remove dead skin.  I confirmed that I do.  It’s just faster than exfoliating, ok?

She said she thinks that it just exacerbates the build up of dead skin, and it is much better to use a pumice stone or salt scrub. (Do you believe that Amazon sells these?  I am never going to have to take a product picture again.)  I can’t imagine why this would be true, unless it is that if you remove the dead skin without moisturizing, the new layer of skin is just going to dry out faster.  Anyway, I think I might have to try this, since the last nail tech wasn’t crazy.

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