The Eyebrow Thing

In a funny twist, after I wrote about botching an eyebrow wax, my friend Fluffycat asked me to post about home waxing.  I do not want anyone to learn technique from me.  However, I am happy to talk about product, so as to save some time and money.

When I first started, I bought one of those roll-on waxers.  It seemed to me that something with an applicator would be easier to use than freehand with the popsicle sticks.  I thought I would be able to control the amount of wax better.

Wrong. I could not control the flow of the wax.  And, as Marilyn reminds me all the time, you either have to keep the head of the roll on really, really clean – or replace it after each use.  So I went to the next level.

Still not convinced that I wanted to invest in the whole shebang, I bought Gigi’s microwavable creme wax kit.  (I still have the box because I keep my cut muslin strips and popsicle sticks in there, as it fits really nicely on my medicine cabinet shelf):

This kit includes everything one needs to get get started and worked just fine. It retails at Sally Beauty Supply for $18.99 Once I was confident with the tools, I bought the full sized stuff:

Obviously, one isn’t required to use all of the products in the line.  In fact, most people just use astringent to cleanse their faces, baby powder to prep and baby oil to clean up the skin.  and Marilyn isn’t all that impressed with the Gigi wax – she prefers Satin Smooth products.  But I am satisfied with this stuff, particularly because I shop at Sally and it is all right there.

Here are my tips:

  1. Go conservative.  The reason I have been making mistakes lately is that I’ve become lazy about taking the time with tweezers to clean up loose hairs in the brow line.  Don’t be lazy.
  2. Keep everything clean.  Use the collar on the wax warmer.  Use the cover when not in use.  Keep the applicator sticks and muslin strips clean and dry.  If bacteria starts to grow on supplies and equipment, the very least that will happen is that your skin will start to break out.
  3. Don’t get fancy.  One reason I decided I could do this at home is that I am not interested in the artistic shaping.  I want my brows to be symmetrical, with clean lines and just a bit thinner. 
  4. You are not committed until you tear off the strip.  If you applied the wax badly, or even if you just have a bad feeling about it, you can use the oil-based stuff to remove it and start over.  It’s better than botching it.
  5. Have the appropriate cosmetics handy in case you botch it.
Because I refuse to make a video of myself, I spent a good hour on YouTube looking for the best demo.  (You would not believe some of the people they have demonstrating this.  Teenagers.  Ugh.)  This is the best one I saw in that the demonstrator, Ms. Judith, is so conservative with her wax that she literally cuts the strips in such a way to minimize mistakes.  Her technique is way better than mine.

The first year or two, I would do two or three waxes at home and then go to the salon once just to get another perspective.  It wasn’t really necessary, but it made me feel better.
That ought to get you started.

2 Comments on “The Eyebrow Thing

  1. This is very cool though I think I'm too much of a wimp to try it. The microwavable wax seems easier in terms of not having yet another appliance to clean up.

  2. It is easier, but you are limited in the type of wax that is available. Also, temperature control is better with the appliance. And I seem to remember dripping wax in such a way that the container got sticky and I had to clean it more than once. I was going to give myself a pedicure last weekend, but then I got tired. Ended up paying for one the next day. This is why I do my own waxing. It only takes a few minutes, and I save money for the other stuff!

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