Crazy as 10 Plastic Surgeries

As much as I enjoy the spa, I have always loathed paying money for a manicure.  Two reasons:

  1. I can mostly do it myself.  I even have a bloody paraffin bath!
  2. I will never have really nice nails again, so why the heck would I spend money to have them groomed?

However, now that I am old and my skin is dry…

For the last couple of years, my fingernails have been peeling.  Not breaking, not splitting.  Peeling off in layers.  I have tried many products and nothing is helping.  It is definitely worse in the winter.  I have been told by the professionals, over and over, that if I would get regular manicures, it would get better.  That has always sounded like a sales job to me.

However, you may have noticed that there are deals everywhere on the mani-pedis.  (I hate that term.)  Apparently the reasonable people have determined that if we are all going to try to save more money, blahblahblah.  So I went in.

The nail technician (as I believe they prefer to be called) told me that the issue is taking care of the cuticles.  Makes sense.  How?  Rub baby oil into them every day.

Baby oil?  I can’t run around my house with baby oil on my hands!  How would I even touch the computer?!

Gloves, she says.

Well, I only have one pair of moisturizing gloves, I would have to wash them much more regularly than I do and anyway, I don’t think they would hold up to actual baby oil.

Wear latex gloves, she says.  It sounds weird, but you get used to them.

Would you believe I actually went to CVS and bought a box?

I will not be doing this every day.

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