Girl Thing Redux interrupt this program for a totally unpaid product endorsement:

I believe I have mentioned that I wax my own eyebrows, as opposed to having them done in the salon. There are two major benefits:

1. Not having to pay $12 – $15, plus tip, every time I have it done.
2. Being able to do it any time I want to, because sometimes, it seriously has to be done right now.

Marilyn, my aesthetician who is so good that people hire her to teach classes on the subject, added a third: I know just exactly how sanitary (or not) my stuff is.

 You can’t trust every random place that does waxing.

There is, of course, a major downside:

I am not a professional and sometimes screw up. Hence the point of the story.

A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally waxed too much. A loose drop right in the middle of my eyebrow. I have had minor accidents in the past, but this was major. There was no way to even it out so as to look natural.


However, I prepared for this contingency. Bare Minerals has an eyebrow powder that is absolutely fabulous. It comes with a sealer in a mascara tube to make it look less powdery and, theoretically, set it. I didn’t think it would hold up the way I needed it to hold up. So I tried using the powder with the Weather Everything eyeliner sealer, about which I have raved before.

You have to be careful, because the stuff is strong and rather sticky until it dries. But it worked like a charm. Worked so well that I started to understand the women that permanently rid themselves of eyebrows and pencil (or tattoo) them in.

Not that I’m going there.

P.S. My natural brows have (half) recovered now, so don’t bother staring at me.

3 Comments on “Girl Thing Redux

  1. I missed your post about waxing your own eyebrows. Can you maybe post something about how you do this? This does sound good and cost effective, but I'm always afraid that if I tried something like that, I'd end up with wax in my eyeballs.

  2. I had a waxing disaster with a brow girl a couple of years back when she dropped some in the middle of my brow. "Ooops" was her response. In my case I used a Mac brow pencil. I hadn't heard of this one. I'm going to have a little squiz at it.

  3. Um…yes. I think I can. I am hesitating because I tried different stuff as a beginner than I use now and am not quite sure which is the better way to present it – as a matter of learning to wax and also of investing in the supplies and equipment. Let me think on that one and I will get back to you.

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