Here We Go Again

The last leg of the Great Mold Removal of 2009 begins tomorrow. We are gutting the Master Bathroom, which was to be the Summer House Project before we found the mold, anyway. The other projects were painting the exterior and Taming the Jungle (the backyard), which we thought we would have to put off until next summer. At least.

Once we decided to put off getting a new fence, the backyard project was not as expensive as we had feared. So we contracted with our awesome landscaper, Mr. Torres. The downside of contracting with the landscaper is that they have to squeeze in the project work in between their regular maintenance work. The regular maintenance work is, of course, beholden to the weather. So our project has been half done since last Tuesday. Check it out:

If I remember correctly (from Alex’s picture books) this is called a skid steer. It is sitting in my backyard because it was used to remove the pond my dad built in 1985.

Yes, I said a pond. I don’t know if he was for real, but I remember him telling me that he would put fish in the pond. There were never fish in the pond, but I seem to remember seeing water flow that first summer. I don’t really remember because that was just about when we first got cable.

These are the remnants:

Oh. And these stones. We are going to use them to reinforce the remnants of the old garden so that the mud doesn’t run off and flood the neighbors:

We are also taking out various bushes and a couple of trees. I will spare you the pictures of that mess.

Here’s what I have learned about landscaping – less is more. You can have grass. And maybe a tree. But make sure the tree is nowhere near the house. You don’t know what those roots can do to the foundation. Wait, they can still get to the sewer line. Forget the tree. Go to the park if you want to look at a tree. Just grass.

So. Tomorrow morning Kiwi the Grey is going back to board at the rescue. She is still on the anti-fungal meds. My mother is taking the dog and going back to the hotel. Spooky the Cat and I are going to tough it out and stay here.

I am exhausted already.

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