Stupid, Stupid Aspergillus

Last Friday, after learning that Kiwi was fighting off aspergillus in her system, I went to get my allergy shot. Shots, actually. We separated them into two because several weeks ago, I starting having a skin reaction and I wanted to figure out which of the allergens was making me mad. Saturday, I found out – aspergillus. My allergist is dialing back my treatment.

Yesterday, the mold inspector came to the house. We knew there was some mold in the basement. Getting it waterproofed was the official project of the summer. There was a bit in my mother’s bathroom. And then some in the garage. The good news is that our attic is in great shape, which means that nothing is coming through the ceiling into the bedrooms. We will have the full report on air quality, types of mold and whether it is going to kill me on Monday.

In the meantime, twice a day I am spending 10 minutes arguing with Kiwi the Grey about taking her medicine. She has only bitten me once, but she keeps spitting it out. My powder room looks like someone took a super soaker filled with Pepto Bismol into there. Tomorrow, I am taking two birds into the vet for the Refuge and plan to grill him about this again.

Hating the mold.

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