Operation SporeKill

We are now in Day 5.

32 years of junk has been removed from the basement. Demolition is complete. Apparently, it took three trucks in addition to this dumpster to get rid of all the drywall, ceiling tiles and general crap that was down there. I recognized the teal slabs on top as being the doors that were there. I remember seeing the tile that was in the bathroom, and the sink. Gone…gone…gone.

They are down to washing every surface of every object on two levels of my house. It is only two because the upstairs was sealed off. I didn’t dare to go inside, so all I could manage was this picture that came out as creepy as it felt to me, although it looks to dark to be translating well here. This is my front hallway leading to the staircase:

This will take 3-4 days. Sound like a long time? Think about your kitchen. When was the last time you removed every object from the cupboards to wash them? Every dish, every mug, every towel. Every pen in the junk drawer.

Back at the hotel, the pets seem to have adjusted. They each took about 24 hours. Spooky had the worst of it. He came with me on Sunday and stayed in my room. Tuesday morning, I took him to my mother’s room while I went to work. When I came back, he had decided to stay with her. Except that she changed rooms on Wednesday. Poor cat doesn’t know if he is coming or going. But so far, he hasn’t taken it out on the carpet. I believe he is under the bed right now. This was from the first night. He still isn’t looking me in the eye.

Shadow is a very amiable dog, but on his first day, Mom was at work, which messed him up. On his second day, the landscapers came and he went crazy. But the biggest drama, and biggest mess, is made by Kiwi. I made her go back into her carrier to eat because the crumbs are too much for me. Sorry for the glare.

I have laundry to do and Rich and Karen are getting married tomorrow and this is not a great time for me to be taking off work and now I’m just whining so I think I’ll go read a book. Or play Diner Dash.

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