Chasing Off Boys

I had a sleepover with my nieces last night while their brother, father and grandmother were out of town.  They  are both fascinated and sometimes intimidated by my dogs.  Both dogs are very barky, though Fiona settles down and makes friends pretty quickly.  Gibbs is high-strung, high-energy and tells the whole world when something makes him uncomfortable.  Like little girls running around the house.  I snapped this shot shortly before bedtime last night.  Fiona was busy being petted by Ashlyn.

11 2014

This morning, we were gathered in my mother’s bedroom.  The dogs were doing the wrestle/chase thing and Ainslie couldn’t tell if they were fighting or playing.  I told her that it was sometimes hard to tell with Fiona and Gibbs because Fiona is the big sister and when Gibbs annoys her, she can be pretty bossy.  (Yes, yes.  I said, “bossy”.  I didn’t have another wordy handy for conversation with a six-year-old.  My bad.)

Ainslie said she had the same problem with her brother, Alex.  “He’s bossy and mean sometimes even when he is playing!”

I asked what she does when Alex is bossy and mean.  “I make him go away.”

“How do you make him go away?” I asked.

“I sing ‘Let it Go’,”  she replied.

“The song from Frozen?”

“Yeah,” she giggled.  “I don’t even like that song, but he really hates it and when I start singing – he goes away!”

The child is a genius.

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