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Conversations with My Brother

I went on a road trip with my brother.  I will have stories and pictures as soon as I get around to uploading them but for now, a conversation from the car:   (Leonard Cohen is playing on the iPod.) Scott:  Leonard Cohen songs… Continue Reading “Conversations with My Brother”

A few months ago, Chicago lost its alternative radio station.  There aren’t very many rock stations left, and Q101 was a Gen X staple.  If I remember correctly, it launched the summer that I left for college.  I had two clues that it was… Continue Reading “”

Something about Music noticed something.  Back in the day, before Out of Time and definitely before Green, the only radio station in Chicago that played R.E.M. was WXRT – 93.1.  It seems that we have come full circle, because it is pretty much the only station… Continue Reading “Something about Music”

Night Castle, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I believe I mentioned that I had pre-ordered – on CD, no less – the new release from Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  It is a 2-disk rock opera called Night Castle.  TSO is best known for its Christmas-themed rock operas.  You know that commercial with the… Continue Reading “Night Castle, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra”

The Other MJ

I was in the car on the way to the library. I flipped radio stations and The Mix was playing Billie Jean. Weird, but cool. So there I am with the windows down and the sun roof open in the 95 degree heat and… Continue Reading “The Other MJ”


I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart. Mostly it is because I have read an awful lot about the way the corporation treats employees and I do not approve. I also learned – in school – about the Wal-Mart model of vendor relationships, which are… Continue Reading “Capitalism”

About Leonard Cohen

My brother and I discovered Leonard Cohen in a Christian Slater movie. Pump Up the Volume, 1990. Actually, that’s also where we discovered Concrete Blonde. Seriously, folks, that was the best soundtrack of my teen years – including everything from the Brat Pack. Anyway,… Continue Reading “About Leonard Cohen”