Sassy: Where Are They Now?

After finishing Season Two of True Blood, I went back to my DVDs of Daria: The Complete Series.  I am on the one where Daria meets Val, the magazine editor.  The episode is poking fun at Jane Pratt, founder of the long lost Gen X magazines Sassy and Jane.  Now, Jane sorta lost me before leaving Jane, if you follow that.  Actually, the entire magazine industry, save Vanity Fair, lost me around then.  But as I loved her once, I wondered what Jane is doing now, so I hit Pause and Googled.  She is on Sirius Radio.  But what’s this?

She is launching a web site of some sort.  Cool.  ‘Cause I don’t do talk radio.

Then I thought about a couple of other names from the old Sassy days.  It seems Christina Kelly launched a blog about five minutes ago.  And Karen Catchpole has a web site chronicling her chuck-it-all-five-year-roadtrip.

Just in case you were interested.  Now I’m going back to Daria.

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