The $1 Movement is another organization attempting to Harness the Power of the Internet (or something) in order to do some good. The mission is:

“To socially enable change in the world with one individual and one dollar at a time.”

Taking from the idea “if we all gave one dollar”, Vonate picks a couple of worthy organizations each month and member pick which to send $1. One becomes a member by registering online and paying the $15 fee ($1 per month for a year plus $3 to support Vonate’s expenses.)

So here I am thinking, “This is cool, but am I overextending? Shouldn’t I be focused on the places where I volunteer?” I was going to discuss it with my mother, but her response would be, “I don’t even want to talk to you about $15.”

So I signed up. Then I went to look at the two organizations for the month of April.

This is how they get you. How do you choose between The Starlight Children’s Foundation and the Walkabout Foundation?

Anne’s Answer:

You flip a coin. Then blog about both.

Look me up if you decide to join. My profile is here.

One Comment on “The $1 Movement

  1. Hello! I think the idea is great, of everyone giving a dollar. I'm a struggling college budget blogging about living on an EXTREMELY tight budget, and I still donate a dollar of two when the have the fundraisers at Walmart and Albertsons. I wish more people would. Looking back, I don't think I have ever looked at my bank account and thought, "I knew I shouldn't have given $1.00 to the boy with lymphoma…"

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