Diner Dash

Last night, after I’d read an awful lot of Harlot’s Ghost, and then watched another lecture on Academic Earth, I decided to find a brainless computer game to play. So I checked to see what was on my laptop. Hm. Diner Dash. Click.

It sent me to the Internet and said I could play four times before purchasing. At $19.95 or something ridiculous. Seriously, I could have sworn that I’d seen this game at Half Price Books for five bucks. Whatever.

I played for two hours. Those guys are tricksy, with their loss leaders and their “must have it but it’s the middle of the night so I will pay $19.95”. Good thing I have some self-control. (snort).

So today, I went to Half Price Books. Five bucks. Or Diner Dash and Diner Dash 2 for seven bucks. Hah.

Plus the four books I had to have right now. (sigh)

I am never going to get to those 17 episodes of Chuck.

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