Evil Under the Sun

I found Evil Under the Sun, another Agatha Christie PC game, at Half Price Books. I do love that Poirot. And I haven’t read the novel yet, so I was going in pretty cold. But I needed something to get me through the Mold Exile and this was really good for killing time.

The reviews for this weren’t great. Gamespot said:

“Poirot isn’t so much a detective quizzing suspects as he is a kleptomaniacal MacGyver with a fruity moustache. He swipes rope and ladder posts from a beach to craft a bird blind needed to win the sympathies of a little girl. He steals a spatula from a chemist for the pure hell of it, somehow knowing that it will come in handy to clean mud off a cave wall at a later date.”

All true. I don’t care, I had fun. The PC goes back and forth in time with Poirot as Poirot tells the tale and PC pretends that he is Poirot and investigates. There is a contrived hint-maker called the Finger of Suspicion. But as I have said, part of the joy of buying games two years after the release is that the walkthroughs are all online.

I didn’t use them in this game as much as I did in the Dracula series. Mostly it was for things like the bird-blind, pictured and described above. I had most of the materials together, but was missing one rock.

A rock.

I also use it when I think I should be moving on to the next section and want to see what I missed, already.

Going into the big reveal at the end, I honestly did not know whodunnit, but as Poirot asks his series of questions in front of the crowd of suspects, I pulled them together pretty well. So..feeling good, but still surprised. I’ll take that.

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