Radar Bait

I love statistics from the car insurance companies. They taught me never to buy a Jaguar. MSN just published the most likely to get ticketed for traffic violations. One of my co-workers has rules for not getting ticketed for speeding (she is on the highway a lot):

1. Stay in the right-hand lane whenever you can.
2. You can drive faster than other cars, just not conspicuously.
3. Drive a sedan. Buicks are best.
4. It helps to be a middle-aged lady.

It looks like she is correct about the Buicks. Hummers are ticketed the most, then Scions, then a Mercedes and a Toyota Solara. Hard to tell if it is a prejudice of the cops or the “profile” of the drivers.

The other thing the insurance companies tell us:

Insurance claims data generally back up ISO Quality Planning’s findings. Ratings information from State Farm, for instance, advises Hummer owners to expect to pay significantly higher than standard premiums for liability. Likewise, Scion owners typically face much higher than standard rates for comprehensive and collision insurance.

You can read the entire article (and check some statistics) here. I am liking my Saturn today.

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