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The Christmas Shopping

I am very done Christmas shopping. I do not buy gifts for that many people, so it isn’t a terribly big feat. I did a lot online. In fact, I am wondering if it is time to sign up for the rewards program at… Continue Reading “The Christmas Shopping”


I go to Costco about once a month. Contact lenses and supplies are my primary driver. Also paper products and some of their fresh foods. As I threw the gigantic package of toilet paper into my cart, I wondered if it was really a… Continue Reading “Costco”

The Starbucks Recession Indicator

I read this article yesterday and wasn’t going to comment because I know I will be snarky. But it is interesting and then the comment thread was more interesting. I will try to control myself. MSN Money – one of my favorite places on… Continue Reading “The Starbucks Recession Indicator”

Looking on the Bright Side

The Dow had another nosedive of a day, which is not really news at this point. What I found interesting is that it began this morning with a report saying that retail sales dropped a whole bunch in September. The bad news, of course,… Continue Reading “Looking on the Bright Side”

Why I Like Working Here

I was in Washington in part for our annual 401(k) meeting. Nice timing, right? The guy from our investment company did a great job with the historical perspective and the “you are buying more shares for your dollar” and the statistics. The one that… Continue Reading “Why I Like Working Here”

Buffett Weighs In

I love Warren Buffett. His very simple explanation for how he got rich – which is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing in the market – has comforted me during every mini-crisis seen in the economy since I started earning… Continue Reading “Buffett Weighs In”

It is Our Own Fault

MSN Money has an article today called 7 Tips: Surviving a Financial Panic. Besides the usual “don’t mess with your 401(k)” and “build an emergency fund” advice, there was a section on “Keeping historical perspective”. I require perspective. Can someone please draw me a… Continue Reading “It is Our Own Fault”

Cost vs. Convenience vs. Health vs. Environment

We like bottled water. It comes in bottles. That we can throw in the car, or knock over at our desks and not make a mess. Right now I have one leaning over a pillow on my bed, where I can reach it. Can’t… Continue Reading “Cost vs. Convenience vs. Health vs. Environment”

They Told Us It Would Get Worse II

After the debacle of trekking to Washington, I spent my few days in town and came home today. I have never seen DCA so crowded in my entire life. There were weather problems yesterday, but by the time I arrived at 12:30 the drama… Continue Reading “They Told Us It Would Get Worse II”

What Does it Cost to Have a Pet?

Liz Pulliam at MSN Money is one of my favorite online writers. She does a lot of work for people that are badly in debt, and also has some practical help. The best piece of advice she gave for me was the idea that… Continue Reading “What Does it Cost to Have a Pet?”