Why I Moved My Blog

It starts with feeling like I needed a new theme around here.  I created my Blogger journal for an assignment in my e-business course a few years ago.  I cranked out the idea based on what was on my mind at that minute in order to score a good grade.  It evolved a different way.  Also:

I have been struggling with Blogger for awhile.  A lot of it is about formatting.  But mostly, I was feeling like Google doesn’t give the product a whole lot of love.  Then Marlee, of Marlee in Debt wrote this and I took a look at WordPress.

I started thinking about how Google monetizes.  While I am all in favor of Google making a profit, I am rather over Google ads.  I would rather pay the company hosting my blog than deal with…geez.  I hope Blogger doesn’t go the way of LiveJournal.  I don’t really see that coming, but it could happen.

So I created a WordPress account.  I played around a bit.  I don’t love everything about it, but I can work with it.  And I haven’t even upgraded to a paid account yet.  The widgets aren’t as pretty and the layout takes some getting used to but I can work with it.

And then.  I was able to import my entire old blog in absolutely no time.  Color me sold.

3 Comments on “Why I Moved My Blog

  1. One thing about WordPress (the free version), you can only use the templates that the company gives you, and you cannot access the HTML. (Having said that, I know some people would say, “Woo-hoo!” It’s kinda like the difference between PC’s and Macs… some people like to tinker under the hood, others detest it.)

    • Yes, I just figured out that the Widgets are extremely limited if I do not upgrade. So that might be a thing. Thanks for stopping in.

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