Best Wedding Ever

I was privileged to cap off Big Meeting week in Honolulu with the wedding of  Stefphanie, colleague and friend.  She and Vince have been together for six years and decided to get married in Hawaii with a tiny group of us and then have big ol’ parties with their families upon their return.

It was to be an in-the-park at sunset affair.  The car picked us up at 4:30.  One of these:

We arrived to find the minister, who was a bit nervous because the photographer had not arrived.  Messed up calendar or something, which really sucked because pictures at a sunset wedding require..sunset.  The minister put out a couple of SOS calls and Stef charitably said that if they couldn’t get a photographer right away, they would get married and meet a photographer for pictures the next night.

While this drama was going on, there was some commotion on the other side of the park.  Turns out they were filming an episode of Hawaii 5-0.  Half of our group went all fan-girl and ran over to watch.  

I was not one of them.

But Stef’s cousin, Holly, spotted Scott Caan, walked right up to him and told him the story.  Wedding.  Missing photographer.  Would you mind if..?  So the bride and groom were photographed with the actor, and that went right up on Facebook.

Around that time, people starting poking their heads around our limo to see if anyone famous was inside.  Heh.

A real photographer arrived and there was a wedding.  It took about ten minutes, which is always great.  Holly held her phone out on speaker so that Stefphanie’s mom could listen in.  Not sure whether that was planned or a “While you are on the line” after we called to tell her about Scott Caan.  But it was sweet.

I am not going to give you pictures of people, but here were a couple of the scene.

Then we went back to the hotel for a drink whereupon I left for the airport.

Seriously, it was the best wedding ever.

One Comment on “Best Wedding Ever

  1. I went to a wedding in Hawaii some years ago, and it was awesome. If just for the natural beautiful views. It was kind of funny, their photographer kept trying to get bride and groom to walk on a bunch of wet rocks for photographs. I was imagining a big wave coming up and capsizing them, thankfully didn't happen.

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