Weekend Assignment # 358: Drive

Is driving something you actually enjoy doing, or is it merely a means to an end? Do you ever go for a drive for fun, or revel in certain kinds of driving?

Extra Credit: If time and money were not at issue, and you wanted to go somewhere 500 miles away, would you prefer to drive, be driven, take a train or fly? (Okay, you can also choose to go by boat.)

Ten years ago, I would have told you that driving was my favorite thing.  I loved my car more than I loved my books.  I drove just for fun.  At that time (my mother recently reminded me), I even enjoyed my commute to and from work.  The driving time helped me get my head in the right place in the morning, and decompress on the way home.
No longer.
When my office moved in 2004, my commute became awful.  And there is no public transportation option.  I could rant all day about this, but listening to other people’s traffic stories is boring.  Not as boring as listening to other people’s dreams, but close.  Suffice it to say:
It doesn’t just raise my blood pressure every day.  It has ruined my favorite thing!
It isn’t that it is all that long.  It isn’t dramatic enough to make me quit my job.  I still enjoy a good road trip.  
But I understand road rage.
For a 500 miles trip, I generally prefer to drive.  For the two hours early you have to be at the airport – each way.  And the risk of delays and the pain of airport security.  For the convenience of sticking to my own schedule.  But for business, I usually fly.  It is less expensive for one person.  All other things being equal, it won’t take as much time.  And when I am on my employer’s time, it seems more appropriate.
Open road, though.  I love the open road.

One Comment on “Drive

  1. I'm sorry to hear your commute is so annoying! I do understand flying can be more practical, especially for business. How often do we really have time to drive long distances?

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