Did I Mention I Hate Overtime?

You know – when I tell the Bears that I am tired of overtime, they just go ahead and lose. The Bulls, on the other hand, mock me.

I left for the library without my laptop last night. I decided that I was going to ignore this game and it would be all over by the time I arrived home shortly after 9pm. I sorted some books, listed a few on Amazon and read. It was most pleasant.

When I got home, I found my mother watching basketball. “So what happened?” I ask.

They were in overtime. I rolled my eyes and sat down. I could watch for two minutes.

Double overtime. I think, “Geez, guys. The dog really has to pee and I want to take a shower.” And by that time I was online tracking the Blackhawks, too.

Triple overtime. She let the dog out and I took that shower. I was back in front of the television to see it: Joakim Noah stole the ball and slammed it in. With God as my witness, I will never call him “hair-boy from Florida” again.

I have to wonder, though. Whichever team wins tomorrow night – how are they going to get through Round 2?

I hate overtime.

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