When did the one-named “Ozzie” become Guillen and not Osbourne? When he started talking like this (excuse me for printing a Chicago Tribune article in its entirety):

Looks like Ozzie is being Ozzie again.

After Cubs manager Lou Piniella pointed out the spike in attendance from 22,000 when the Dodgers faced the White Sox last week to a full house when the Cubs visited U.S. Cellular Field this weekend, Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was asked why attendance was so low for the Dodgers series.”Because our fans are not stupid like Cubs fans,” Guillen said. “They know we’re [expletive].”

Guillen said Cubs fans will watch any game at Wrigley Field because “Wrigley Field is just a bar.”

We are generally Cubs fans in my family, but we like the Sox well enough. I guess that makes us odd. This weekend, my brother Scott was teaching his son Alex the rules for rooting for the Sox:

We can root for the Sox anytime they are not playing the Cubs.

Wait, I guess he only has on rule. I think my mother would say:

We root for the Sox anytime they are not playing the Cubs. But if they are playing the Cubs and it is important for the Sox to win, and the Cubs are in last place anyway, then we can root for the Sox. Or maybe if the Cubs are in first place by a whole lot and the Sox need the morale booster, we can root for the Sox. Or sometimes, if the Cubs just deserve to lose, we can root for the Sox.

Seriously, you need a flow chart to follow her sports logic sometimes.

Anyway, with all of the headlines that Ozzie gives the Trib, you’d think they were paying his salary.

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