The Payton Tribute

CBS, in its ultimate suckage, required the city of Chicago to watch its halftime game recap rather than the tribute to Walter Payton that was being held on the field.  I want it noted for the record that I called it – my mother said that she wouldn’t watch it because the very idea made her tearful.  I told her not to worry because CBS would just send us to the studio at halftime like every other Sunday.  She did not believe me. 

Anyway, for those that care, the Tribune had a link to the Bears Tribute page with several videos including, I presume, the one played at halftime.  Here is the one least likely to make my mother cry.  Because Dan Hampton is not in it.

2 Comments on “The Payton Tribute

  1. Hi,I'm with you on that, network television boobs. While I live outside of NYC on the Jersey side, Walter was my favorite. A class act from the begining right through to the end.Frank

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