Super Weekend

I was so busy this weekend that I don’t even have goofy stories to tell about it.

My nephew, Alex’s birthday was yesterday.  He seemed terribly bored with the gifts we brought him – the Spiderman blanket (even when I told him that it was a lucky blanket because I made it the day the Bears beat the Vikings), a game, a lovely copy of Ramona the Pest (even though it is a book about a little girl that goes to kindergarten).  Then he opened the Hasselbeck jersey I picked up for him in Seattle.  Loved it.  Loved the green color (yuck), loved that it said Seahawks.  Loved the postcard of the Seahawks stadium.  Now he won’t shut up about Seattle.  He insists that he has been there before – when he was “one year old”.

No, that was Lambeau Field, we told him.  That kid is a riot.

This morning, I went to a baby shower for some friends that are having twin girls.  I haven’t seen Max and Susan since before I went back to school  I’ve missed them and am so jazzed for them and am very sorry that I am the only person that thought to give them a black onesie with skulls on it.  Seriously, I have never seen so much pink in my entire life.  I’ll have to make a trip to Hot Topic.  On principle.

Of course, then I came home for the game.  It is never easy watching the Super Bowl when you are a house divided, (I do not understand my mother’s infatuation with the Manning brothers.)  but I am thrilled for the Saints.

And now I must finish the Sunday night laundry and catch up on the latest election drama.  Republicans can’t determine a winner and Democrats lose a candidate to scandal..we are off to a great start!

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