The Circus

Jason Whitlock was talking about Favre in his Fox Sports column today. He says that “Britney” Favre (he didn’t coin it) is our own fault because we keep clicking on his name.

Yeah. Sorry about that. But this was his higher message:

“You blame the players and their agents. I blame the rules makers, the owners, the grown men with billions who should’ve seen this coming and implemented rules to safeguard the integrity of their games.

Too much of the money in pro sports is tied to individual fame, and not nearly enough cash is tied to the win-loss record. When fans care more about winning and losing than the players in the locker room do, it’s impossible to deny the foundation of the games have been damaged.”

I have never felt that I want the Bears to win more than Brian Urlacher does. But I understand what he is saying, and tend to agree.

It has been said that Walter Payton would have played for another year or two if the Bears hadn’t been nudging him toward the door. Do you remember Neal Anderson? But Payton kept his mouth shut and walked out like a gentleman. He didn’t have to do that, but you’d better believe that Chicago loved him for being ours and we still revere him, ten years after his death. His legend only grows and his memory can make grown men cry. My mother will tell you my disgust with MJ is little more than extreme disappointment that MJ is not Walter Payton.

Favre could have been Green Bay’s Walter Payton. Green Bay is rather less fickle than Chicago, you know. But now? He is the enemy.


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