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Mid Week in Review

My niece, Ashlyn, was christened on Saturday.  Check out Ainslie.  Playing in the baptimsal font.  The priest said she could.  She got soaking wet  and got my brother soaking wet, as he had to carry her out of the church.  Heh. During lunch afterward,… Continue Reading “Mid Week in Review”

The Prices Don’t Always Go Down remember being warned about the Amazon Kindle: The prices of the books are more fluid.  The ones that are showing up as freebies today may not be freebies tomorrow.  Fair enough. You might remember that back in January, I downloaded the Sookie Stackhouse… Continue Reading “The Prices Don’t Always Go Down”

Annoying Calls at Work

As you may know, I don’t like to answer the phone. I pretty much refuse to do it unless I happen to be looking at the caller i.d. and happen to recognize the number. Also, if I am convinced it is a sales call,… Continue Reading “Annoying Calls at Work”