Winter Rant

My office building has revolving doors on each side.  There are, of course, handicapped accessible doors with the automatic opening button next to them.  These double as emergency exits.

Some people like to use this door, because it is faster than using the revolving doors.  They seem to have forgotten the purpose of revolving doors:

To keep the cold air out and the warm air in the building.  (Or the reverse, in the summer.)

People seriously continue to do this in the winter.  I stopped eating in the glass ceilinged atrium because of the general chill and frequent gusts of cold air. 

So.  I went to Noodles tonight before heading to the library.  Noodles has a set of double doors for people to enter and exit..and a side door that leads to the patio-area in the summer.  For some reason – I presume it is the fire code – this thing is unlocked in the winter.

Two jerks used it while I was eating.  Apparently, they think that because they have  their coats on, it is ok to blast the cold air in on the rest of us.  Because I am cheeky, and a seriously regular customer, I stopped by the register and found the manager on my way out.  I said:

“For  the suggestion box:  I wonder if you wouldn’t mind putting a ‘Use other door’ sign on the side entrance..”

I hadn’t gotten all of the words out when she said, “I had one on there for five days.  You have no idea how many people ignored it.  I saw people read it and then go out the door anyway.  I tried locking it.  Someone broke the lock on the door…”

Broke.  The.  Lock.

(It’s fixed now, so don’t get any funny ideas.)

People.  It is winter now.  Winter is long.  Winter is cold.  Please show some consideration for the people around you.  Use the proper doors.  And close them behind you.

One Comment on “Winter Rant

  1. My friend always says "is this a barn" or "were you raised in a barn" to the people who leave the doors open like that.At work, there is a door that I sit by that says that people should walk around if they need help, that it is a staff entrance only. About once a week though, I have to get up because someone is banging on it.

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