The State of Illinois Should be Ashamed

I’m not talking about the corruption, patronage and cronyisn.  I am talking about the apathy.

One year ago, our governor (a Democrat) was impeached and removed from office.  Because the month before, he was indicted for attempting to sell the seat in the Senate vacated by President Obama.

You all might remember that his predecessor (a Republican) is right this second serving time for abuse of office.

Yesterday was the primary election in the State of Illinois.  Our first opportunity to start turning this mess around.  The state budget deficit is among the worst in the country.  The sales tax in the City of Chicago is the highest in the nation.  We have a fill-in Senator and a fill-in governor – neither was elected to the office he holds.  And don’t get me started on the fill-in County Board President (I think he was technically elected, but only because his father very kindly won the primary for him before he died).  If ever there were a time to show up, it was yesterday.

Our voter turnout? 

Wait for it…..


I know it is “just” a mid-term election.  But please consider:

We all do so much griping about how we don’t like any of the candidates when we (theoretically) head to the polls in November.  But only 25% of us show up on the day of the primary?  And for a Democrat in Cook County-  Primary Day is Election Day.

Impeached governor?  I’m over it.  This turnout?  I am embarrassed.

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