Political Rant

I’ve done some talking on this blog about my political identity.  I have referred to myself as a Cook County Republican, which means (to me) that I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal and can’t abide The Machine.

The reality is that I am inching more to the left every single day. (Don’t get me started on Rahm Emmanuel.)  

One day, in high school civics class, I was spouting conservative on something.  A friend asked how anyone as Pro-Choice as I could possibly be so Republican.  My response was,

“Roe v. Wade is over.  Decided.  Finished.  I don’t need to vote based on that issue.”

Even the teacher accepted that answer (although I expect he knew better).  But we all know the reality – conservatives have been chipping away at the decision for years.  And today I read this article about a court in NC blocking a law – a law meaning that a whole bunch of elected officials thought it was a good idea – requiring a doctor to present a woman seeking an abortion with:

  1. the ultrasound picture
  2. description of the features of the fetus
  3. the opportunity to listen to the heartbeat
Apparently, something similar happened in Texas, where the legislature required a woman seeking an abortion to listen to the heartbeat from the ultrasound.
On one hand, it is a complete outrage that state legislatures are pulling these stunts.  On the other, it is nice to know that the courts have it covered.
I like my judges liberal.  And if I have to vote for Democrats for the rest of my life in order to stack the courts…
I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

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