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Health Care Reform – This is Interesting

The AP is reporting that Birth Control may be covered as part of the “preventative care” provision of the Health Care Reform Law.  This means that the Pill, among other things,  would be convered under health insurance plans without deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance.   “May be” because… Continue Reading “Health Care Reform – This is Interesting”

Halloween Candy is Serious Business

MSN ran an article on the Best and Worst Halloween candy. The short version is that it all has gobs of sugar, so we should avoid anything that has fat. Which means chocolate and peanuts. Screw that. And this was even funnier: “When giving… Continue Reading “Halloween Candy is Serious Business”

Being Sick and Other Randomness

My voice is still gone.  And I actually had to leave our department planning meeting today because I couldn’t stop coughing.  So I went to the doctor, who put me on an anti-biotic and told me to stay home.  And really.  Rest the vocal… Continue Reading “Being Sick and Other Randomness”

Lost My Voice

Literally.  As in I Cannot Speak Out Loud.  I can only whisper.  I was on vacation and barely spoke to a single person for six days and was just fine, but in my real life? I can’t do my job. I had an allergy… Continue Reading “Lost My Voice”

A Sort of Breakthrough

So.  I have some pretty serious body image issues.  I am carrying around too much weight right now, but even in college when I was a perfectly reasonable size and went to step class twice a week, I hated my body.  We blame my skinny,… Continue Reading “A Sort of Breakthrough”

Another Health Care Rant

The diagnosis was chronic sinusitis and an allergy to mold.  The treatment was three different allergy medications and weekly shots.  A year later, I have dropped one of the prescriptions and have graduated to bi-weekly “maintenance” shots. In the past, say six months, I… Continue Reading “Another Health Care Rant”

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Good Morning America had a piece this morning on the mega-business of hand sanitizers and the people that are using them 30+ times a day. I went online to take another look and it isn’t up yet, but I found an article they did… Continue Reading “Hand Washing and Sanitizing”

Reflecting on the Allergy Shots

So.  For the past 18 months, I have been getting allergy shots.  Every single week.  Just when I was getting to the point of “OMG I am so sick of this, I am going to quit”, I had an appointment with my allergist and… Continue Reading “Reflecting on the Allergy Shots”


Kiwi the Grey is boarding at the rescue. I took her in on Monday and she no longer finds it amusing. I plan to go in every day after work to give her the medicine, but today was my regular day to volunteer, anyway.… Continue Reading “Update”

Stupid, Stupid Aspergillus

Last Friday, after learning that Kiwi was fighting off aspergillus in her system, I went to get my allergy shot. Shots, actually. We separated them into two because several weeks ago, I starting having a skin reaction and I wanted to figure out which… Continue Reading “Stupid, Stupid Aspergillus”