A Sort of Breakthrough

So.  I have some pretty serious body image issues.  I am carrying around too much weight right now, but even in college when I was a perfectly reasonable size and went to step class twice a week, I hated my body.  We blame my skinny, thoughtless father.

I’ve dropped a bit of weight since last summer and the self-loathing has eased up proportionately.  Today, I hadn’t planned on doing much and I am seriously lacking in summer playclothes, so I put on a sleeveless dress.  I normally wear a short sleeved sweater with it. 

I skipped the sweater.  I wore a sleeveless dress.  All day long.  I haven’t gone sleeveless in public since I was 12.

Yeah.  It’s practically a deserted island in the Pacific where I literally do not know a soul.  Whatever.  I pushed my little boundaries and am triumphant.  And slightly sunburned.

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