Lost My Voice

Literally.  As in I Cannot Speak Out Loud.  I can only whisper.  I was on vacation and barely spoke to a single person for six days and was just fine, but in my real life?

I can’t do my job.

I had an allergy attack almost two weeks ago that I never got under control.  Starting coughing Saturday and had a pretty sore throat on Sunday.  I was in meetings all day yesterday.  When I woke up this morning unable to speak, I had to have my mommy call the doctor and get me an appointment.  The diagnosis?

“I think your (self) diagnosis was spot on.  Rest your vocal chords for three days, but there isn’t much else to be done.”

Rest my vocal chords?

I have a department planning meeting on Thursday.  Maybe we can make an icebreaker out of Anne Charades.

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