Why I Like Working Here

I was in Washington in part for our annual 401(k) meeting. Nice timing, right? The guy from our investment company did a great job with the historical perspective and the “you are buying more shares for your dollar” and the statistics. The one that really grabbed my boss was about how you don’t want to miss the “best trading days” after a downturn because that is when we make our money back. The statistic was something about how a whole bunch of those “best trading days” are within two weeks of the worst days.

Here is the best part. After the meeting, I got an e-mail from someone that doesn’t participate in the plan. She went to the meeting and thinks she wants to enroll. Then I got another e-mail – from our system – someone else in that meeting increased her contributions. No one is dropping to zero.

Its appears as though the message was received. Go us.

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