I’m Calling It

I think it is finally safe to say the Winter is over.   File under “Grateful”.  (Watch it start to snow now.)

The residual trauma for me came out this weekend as I spent every free minute outside:

Yesterday, I woke up early and took a walk to Starbucks.  Then I played in the backyard with my dogs.  Then I ran my errands, making a point to stop at the outdoor mall near my brother’s house.  Then we went to Ainslie’s t-ball game.

Ainslie is five years old and if she understood the concept would probably self-identify as a dancer.  But her best friend was going to be the only girl on the t-ball team, so Ainslie said she would play.  The poetry there is there was a mix up when the teams were formed and the girls are not on the same team.  But a little boy from Ainslie’s class is there, so she is fine.  According to my mother, she had a rough go in her first game but yesterday was her third and I thought she looked great.  She always knew where the ball was and showed great hustle.  In fact, her father/my brother noted that for someone with such tiny legs, she was really fast.


Heading for 1st


After the game, they headed to five o’clock mass, so I headed home.  It should be noted that my sister-in-law, Becky, was doing a 5K this morning and then the kids had more baseball games.   When I got to the house, I looked at my watch and decided I’d better go take another walk because it was going to rain today.  So I did.

Then this morning, the sky looked clear so I took the dogs to the park.  Because the rain was coming.  Then I went to yoga and ran some errands and then came home.  I looked at my watch and looked at the sky and decided I’d better take another walk before the rain came.  I went by my elementary school and saw this:


Buddy Bench


I’ve heard of these things at the playground – where a kid can go if he or she feels lonely to buddy up with another kid.  A lovely idea.  I do not think for a second that it would have worked when I went to that school.  Here’s hoping a new generation does a better job taking care of each other.

When I got home, it was time to let the birds out for their play time so my mother took the dogs upstairs.  I thought, “I’m just going to sit outside with a book until it starts raining.”  For two hours.  God knows what Kiwi was getting into while I was sitting outside, but I was not wasting a single minute.  It finally started raining.  For ten minutes.

I could almost do this every weekend.

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