A Tiny Sparkle of Hope

I have mentioned this several times to my Facebook friends – I very much appreciate the people that work on holidays.  New Year’s in particular is one in which most of the world is closed for business, but I was pretty sure that Five Guys would be open so I headed over for a burger.  I found myself walking in behind two college-age young men. One was swearing at someone on his cell phone because someplace he had tried to visit earlier was closed.  The other hacked a big loogie and spit right in front of me as he held the door open.


Then, after they placed their orders, one of them said to the guy at the register, “Hey, man.  I really appreciate that you are open today.”

And my cold heart was warmed.

I added my thanks when it was my turn to order.  And seriously.  My hat is off to anyone on duty today.

P.S.  I was the only customer in the restaurant not in a pack of hungover kids.

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