2012 Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade

Next up on the circuit if North Suburban charity dog walks was the Pooch Parade to benefit Orphans of the Storm.  I didn’t catch the number of participants, but their Facebook pages says they raised $7,000.  Again, Fiona was perfectly pleasant, greeted people and dogs very nicely and her only doggie infraction was when some foolish woman walked through the crowd in a tent with a bagel and cream cheese.  Seriously.

This walk started in a park but was really touring the neighborhood.  Streets and sidewalks as opposed to a forest preserve, like the last one we did.  We met four dogs that are up for adoption:

Dustin is a 10 year old lab mix found as a stray just a couple of days ago in Lake County.  He was wiped out after the two miles, but he made it!  Very gentle.

Cha Cha is a 10 year old golden mix.  Also very gentle.

I forgot the name of this Bichon.  I remember he/she was very pleased to meet Fiona though.

And this is the famous Buddy.  Three years old and was at the shelter for a year and a half.  Like many high-energy dogs, he jumped and pulled with excitement whenever a potential adopter came to meet him.  So Orphans scraped together some cash and sent him to Tops kennels – where the K-9 patrol is trained – and he graduated the program and was adopted earlier this year.  Unfortunately, his people are losing their home and are looking for a new place for him.  He is very friendly and I am rooting for him.

Some more pictures from the park.

A beautiful day, a great walk and a good cause.  Fiona was barely tired at the end.  And I cannot believe I forgot to take a picture of my own dog at the event.  Strangers were taking Fiona’s picture and telling me how pretty she is. Well.  This will have to do.

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