Blankets 20 – 27

Today was the big Blanket Day for my chapter of Project Linus.  I brought eight (modeled by Gibbs, who wouldn’t get off the couch):

On the far left is three panels of fleeces, sewn together before I picked it up to crochet the edges.  Red Heart yarn in Turqua.  Next are two more princess blankets, and on the right is a fleece with Elmo apliques.  Caron white yarn.

20 - 23 2013 24 - 27 2013


Above on the left was edged in Red Heart..lemon, I think.  Next was another with sewn fleece panels.  I think it had dinosaurs on it and I edged it in Red Heart yarn in Royal.  Next, with the daisies is edged in Red Heart medium purple and on the far right are flowers edged in Caron white.

I have one more for the month that I finished today.  Good thing Starbucks night is this week.

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