Project Linus 10 – 19 2013

These blankets went to Project Linus on Starbucks night, before I left town:

The one on the left that is all messed up from the lighting has dinosaurs on it and is edged in Red Heart Black yarn.  The Winnie the Pooh is next, edged in a yellow from somewhere.  Next is a doggie pattern edged in Caron White.  Finally, the Spongebob pattern is edged in Caron White.

10 - 13 2013

On the bottom is a blue fleece on which someone embroidered a fleece with a fighter jet.  Edged one row of Red Heart Soft White and two rows of Red Heart Cherry Red.  Above it is a black fleece with flowers, edged in some sort of purple yarn.  The pink one has turtles on it and is edged in Caron Soft Limelight.  Next is a black with an astronomy theme edged in Red Heart Turqua yarn.  The red fleece has an embroidered Cubs hat and is edged in white.  Finally, there is a Star Wars fleece edged in white.

14 - 19 2013

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