The Tour

I planned to take a twilight tour of the volcano, but abandoned the idea for two reasons:

  1. The first tour company was completely booked for the entire week.
  2. I learned that these tours are small groups travelling in vans.  I was not 100% sure that I wouldn’t get motion sickness climbing the mountain in a van.

So I opted for the Big Island Circle Tour – a full day tour that goes around the entire island, including the volcano.  The weather wasn’t cooperating, but I made the pilgrimage to Pele or whatever and took a few pics:

Black Sand Beach2


The black sand beach was very pretty.  The sand felt perfectly normal.



The volcano crater.  I am sure I have better shots of it from prior trips, though.

Lava Tube

The lava tube was really icky in the rain.  (Dude, you know what that looks like?  The dungeons in Jabba’s Palace.)




Rainbow Falls were fabulous.



And from the bus on the way back – the only time I really saw the sunset.  And the driver wouldn’t stop talking so we could enjoy it.

Overall, it was very worth the price – $100 for 12 hours of entertainment.  Tip: book online for a discount.  And bring a jacket.

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