A Christmas Homecoming, by Anne Perry

A Christmas Homecoming, by Anne Perry

Book 57 of 50 Book Challenge, Book 2 of The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

Daughter of a wealthy country gent writes a stage adaptation of Dracula and a company of actors is asked to spend the holidays to put it on.  There is a storm and a stranded stranger arrives at the door.  There is a murder.

The story is more than half over before the murder and I must say that listening to a bunch of actors figure out how to put on this show was not all that interesting.  So finally, in the middle of the night our heroine finds the body – staked with a broomstick or something – and rouses the house.  By the time she leads them all to the body, it has disappeared.

So.  Do y’all remember Clue?  The movie.  It has a stranded motorist that secretly knows one of the other guests and winds up dead.  Oh, and it also has a dead body that disappears.  (Incidentally, it is also the movie that originally introduced me to Tim Curry.)  I couldn’t quite get over those thoughts so as to enjoy the reveal on Christmas morning.


It was fine, but I preferred the Anne Perry that I read last year – A Christmas Secret.

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